Our Team

About Us

E-Talk solution is a web development company based in San Diego, California. We specialize in websites, e-commerce, and business workflow automation. We are a team of 8 passionate individuals with a deep appreciation for our respective crafts. We firmly believe in quality over quantity and treat each project as a masterpiece. Our mission is to make tech exciting and easy to use for your business.


Design is where it all starts. Our dedicated UI team takes pride in each and every web design they create. During our design process we begin by creating a mockup to serve as a base. Overtime we work with you to shape and mold your web design until you are satisfied with the final result. At the end of every design we provide a style guide to help you keep a persistent theme throughout your business from T-shirts, ads, to physical fliers etc.


eTalk developers use the latest technologies when it comes to development. Without getting too technical, we use a tech stack called the Mern stack. Similar sites built using these technologies include Facebook, Tesla, Netflix, Airbnb. Paired with the powerful gatsby.js framework, we develop blazing fast modern progressive web apps for your business. Once We have a design, you can sit back and relax knowing we are on it.


We understand the process of obtaining a website can be both exciting and frustrating. Our dedicated support team is specifically trained to help guide you throughout the process. From design, development, and after shipment we will be there. You can call, text, or email, your support member anytime.